Story Club — Natural Events

A supermoon. An eclipse. Tornadoes, sand storms, tidal waves.
These amazing natural events can spice up a story. They increase the tension, the action, and can allow the story to change.
I like to think about what my characters would do in the face of a natural event. How would they react?
A storm can reveal the bravery of a character, or fear. A full moon can draw out powers. Shooting stars allow for wishes to be revealed.

At Story Club, a young writer Jess came up with water power, heightened when the moon eclipses the sun. At that point the character could call a storm that quieted down the sand storm, a card her mother had chosen. It was so lovely to see mother and daughter working together.

Coco’s character gained powers when the moon shone on trees. I loved the connection, it made me think of tree nymphs, or dryads.

What natural event would you like to ponder? How would your characters react?

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