Story Club — Storyboards

We explored storyboards this week at my writing workshop. I use these to map out my stories. It is a fabulous way to look at the plot from another angle. Changing the story sequence is easy — just renumber the scenes or cut them out and rearrange the order! I am sure there are apps for this too.

I often find sketching my characters fills in gaps. Have I thought about their hair, their clothes? Same goes for sketching settings.

Three parts of a story — Intro, Middle, End

I also got to sign Element Girls 2 — The Stolen Star and hand them over to journey to readers. Young writer Beatrice has written a moving poem which I used at the start of Element Girls 2, congrats to her for being published!

And I had a thanksgiving cupcake. All in all, an excellent week.

Vegan cupcake from Thrive cafe, Cambridge. So good.



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Giulietta M Spudich

I am a children’s author and I love coffee. My books have themes of strong friendship, nature and magic. Find me and my books at